Map the Gap International works with graduating high school students interested in taking a gap year - a structured, purposeful time out before college - guiding them through the process of program selection and preparation to help them plan the perfect experience.

If you’re considering a gap year, MTGI can help you explore the world, discover your passions and return energized, ready to make the transition to college with greater focus and purpose. 
    With MTGI, you'll receive:    
• Preparation and planning for your entire gap year

• Personal guidance in choosing an MTGI gap year program that matches your interests

• Assistance with finding resources to help finance your gap year (MTGI, e.g., offers financial aid for some of its gap year programs)

• Support before, during and after your gap year

• Regular communication throughout your gap year

• A strong network of friends and associates in MTGI program countries

• Help with re-entry

• Our commitment to helping you have an exciting, meaningful and safe adventure
Comprehensive Orientation & Support

As you begin charting your course, there is much to consider. We’ll help you make informed decisions and choose a program that suits you. Our extensive orientation includes preparation before, during and after your gap experience so that you not only make the most of your time abroad, but are also prepared for your transition to college afterwards. In addition, we provide comprehensive support in program host countries and in the U.S.

Language & Cultural Immersion

Each MTGI program begins with intensive language learning, combined with excursions and group activities, so that gappers are quickly introduced to the host country. Weekly trips continue throughout the program in order to give you opportunities to deeply explore a new people and culture.

Opportunities to Make a Difference

Following a few weeks of language learning and cultural orientation, you begin your community service activities – e.g., working or playing with kids at an orphanage, tutoring teenagers in English, helping with conservation efforts, working on a subsistence farm. Service placements are usually for at least 4 weeks so that you get a chance to make a real contribution.

“Mapping the Gap”

One distinctive of our programs is that your service will be a jumping-off point for understanding some of the larger issues affecting your host country. We call it “Mapping the Gap”: making the connection between your experiences on the ground and the many historical, cultural, and social dynamics that impact the people you’re serving. You will hear from experts in the field so that you can more fully understand the unique perspectives and challenges of the local communities.

Our goal is to help you and your family make your time out as meaningful and rewarding as possible. If you’d like MTGI to guide you step by step through your gap year experience, the process begins with an application

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